Tuesday, December 27, 2016

When 2016 Tolls... It Tolls for Thee, Celebrity...

George Michael and now Carrie Fisher. 2016 is really trying to rack up some Death Points in the home stretch. Hollywood Blvd is empty. Where normally you'd see celebrities sitting on their front stoops gossiping or window shopping outside Playmates Lingerie, or playing stickball on Vine Street now every door is locked and every curtain is drawn shut. No one is taking any chances. If you were a celebrity would you?? I passed Betty White wearing a scarf and Jackie-O sunglasses walking her dog outside the El Capitan and when I said "Hi Betty White!" she shot me a look that would melt iron and hissed "You're mistaking me for someone else sir. My name's, Gloris... Gloris Stuknell. Now fuck off!" It is so weird around here.

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