Monday, November 07, 2016

Day of Days (Part 2)

Okay, Citizens... the Time has Come. There's a 35% chance this may be the last time we'll ever get to vote so WHATEVER you do tomorrow do it RIGHT. If you're voting for Hillary, then vote for Hillary, if you're voting for Trump, then vote for Trump. BUT GET OUT THERE AND VOTE. (On a side note: if you're voting for Trump because you Support what he Stands For, then you are a Racist, Nazi, Asshole. If you're voting for Trump because you don't like Hillary Clinton then you're just a regular asshole. And if you're voting a third party "protest vote" you're FUCKING RETARDED.) Who knows what kind of madness is going to go down over the next couple of days? Probably nothing. If Trump wins, there'll lots of moaning and wailing and "Cost of Living in Canada" Google hits but America will go on. And if Clinton wins, the Angry Americans with the "Hillary For Prison" signs will still be angry, but they're also still Americans and Actual Americans© know how to play baseball. When you lose, you lose, better luck next time. And don't worry about the Ameritards® who claim they're gonna use their 2nd Amendment Rights to make sure Hillary Clinton never sets one cloven hoof in the White House. They usually turn out to be just a bunch of loud-mouthed pussies (see: Ted Nugent, the Bundy Family). Hopefully Election Day goes down calmly. However, JUST IN CASE I'm wrong, and since I've already early-voted, I'LL be leaving Tuesday morning to spend the next few days in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on board the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (no joke), probably the safest place to be when the shit-storm that is the rest of this week explodes across the country. See you Thursday when I hopefully return safely to San Diego and what's still called Naval Air Station North Island and not Luftwaffe Flugplatz-Trump or something. Uh... I mean... it'll be fine... don't worry. (SFX: Car door slams, tires squeal, engine races off.)

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