Monday, June 29, 2015

New Ghostbusters...

First photos from the set.  I think I see now how this is going to play out.

Kristen Wiig as the button-down-scientific-type one who really believes but can't say it out loud because she'll get fired from her job as a professor/government scientist/reporter.  (I predict a scene where her character gets drunk and finally lets it all loose.  This will be accompanied by Kristen drinking a bottle of wine and actually saying "glug glug" as she drinks it.)

Melissa McCarthy as the rambunctious "in-your-face" one.  She will fall down a lot and probably punch whoever the asshole government jerk is.

Kate McKinnon as the true-believer psycho one who will shriek "I knew it!!!!" when they encounter their first ghost.

And Leslie Jones as the Tracy Morgan one.

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