Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Attention Hipsters Living that "Vintage" Lifestyle...

Men – Hats can be left on…

  • Outdoors
  • At athletic events (indoors or out)
  • On public transportation
  • In public buildings such as post offices, airports,  and hotel or office lobbies
  • On elevators

Men – Take hats off, including baseball caps …

  • In someone's home
  • At mealtimes, at the table
  • While being introduced, indoors or out (unless it's frigid!)
  • In a house of worship, unless a hat or head covering is required
  • Indoors at work, especially in an office (unless required for the job)
  • In public buildings such as a school, library, courthouse, or town hall
  • In restaurants and coffee shops
  • At a movie or any indoor performance
  • When the national anthem is played
  • When the flag of the United States passes by, as in a parade

If you can't abide by these vintage rules of courtesy, you aren't living a lifestyle, you're wearing a costume.  In the front row of that Lana Del Rey concert THIS guy is cooler than you...

Otherwise, you're just one of these guys...

Don't be one of those guys.

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