Saturday, May 04, 2013

Just Say No to Cameos, SNL

Okay, I'm gonna watch SNL tonight but as Ba'al is my witness if I fuckin' see Tom Hanks, Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, or ANY OTHER CELEBRITY making a cameo (Lorne Michaels' current ratings-booster scam that he'll pound into the ground until you want to blow your brains out -- remember the first time you saw "the Cheerleaders?" Remember a couple weeks later and 2000th time you saw it?) I'm shutting it off FOR GOOD. (Is tonight a re-run? No spoilers please.) .

1 comment:

maynotlast said...

The cast of "Hangover 3" doesn't count, because they're plugging the movie and Jon Hamm at the very end doesn't count because he obviously wasn't in front of the audience. (They didn't cheer like retarded lemmings when he showed up)


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