Sunday, April 10, 2011

Is It Just Me...? (Royal Wedding Edition)

...or does this Kate Middleton... ...seem more like the woman the Prince is SUPPOSED to marry, a little reluctantly, until he goes for Royal drive because he "just needs a moment alone in the midst of all this crazy Royal Wedding Mania" and his Royal Jaguar breaks down in the rain and when he finally finds a pub where he can make a Royal phone call to Buckingham Palace he meets adorably quirky yet totally down-to-earth American Anne Hathaway / Amy Adams / Claire Danes, (or, in 1998, Meg Ryan) who is a Broke-Art-Student / Reporter-Covering-the-Royal-Wedding-for-Access-Hollywood / Garbage-man's-Daughter-Hitchhiking-Through-Europe... ...who doesn't recognize he's the heir to the throne and like a totally adorable klutz spills her pint of Guinness on him, causing HRH to fall Royally in love with her and buck the system and re-think marrying this "Middleton Woman" even though it might Royally Piss Off the Establishment since she's a perfect candidate for Future-Queen -- apart from the fact that she can be a bit cold and materialistic and only calls him "William" and not "Wills" like his friends do and doesn't like to have fun like the Prince (and Anne/Amy/Claire) does? (i.e. in "Four Weddings and Funeral" Kate Middleton would have been THIS one......and not THIS one...

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