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#22: Cuidado!! Ukuleles!!!!!!!


On This Day...

"Top up or down, Mr. President?
"Top down, of coourse.  I need to werrk on myy Novembah taaan."
"Do you mind if we take a detour?  LBJ, John Foster Dulles, Fidel Castro and Sam Giancana want you to see the new monument in Dealey Plaza."
"That's rahther a strange combination.  But if it's fine with Jackie, it's fine with meee. PT-109."

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Rock & Roll Facts #9...

If I've Never Heard of You, You Are Not Allowed to Have a "Greatest Hits" Album...

#10: Good On Ya!

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

DO IT...

I'm probably late to the party but this movie is AWESOME!

#6: Yep, Them Too...

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