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Boy oh Boy!

I went to IMDb to look up old time actress Gwen Lee (she's the blonde having dinner with Groucho at the beginning of "Night At the Opera)...She also starred in a 1932 comedy short called "Boy oh Boy!" Here's IMDb's poster for 1932's "Boy oh Boy" starring Gwen Lee...

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Gossip Roundup...

I wish I'd written this...

"Prince Harry partied until 3 a.m. at the Tryst nightclub in Las Vegas last night, accompanied by Falstaff and nine stout men-at-arms. He "jumped on the lap of a member of his security team... got on his knees as he danced for a brunette girl at his VIP table," and even "honed in on one fellow club-goer in particular: a blonde woman dressed in a cream blouse and knee-high black skirt." What a crazy character! And the mysterious blonde? Sources tell me it was the witch Morgan Le Fay, sworn enemy of Harry's older brother William, attempting to cast a glamour on the young prince in order to claim a throne she believes is rightfully hers." (via

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Haunted November...

You know it's Ghost Autumn when the Ghost Leaves start Ghost-falling...

The Many Voices of Siri...

Happy Birthday, Marines!

Semper Fi!

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